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From greatly skilled hands of highly skilled workers of bamboo An Hoa village, Trang Bang. One of the districts of Tay Ninh province, is far from Ho Chi Minh city more than forty kilometers in the South of Viet Nam. Our firm located between Cu Chi tunnel and Cambodia border thanks to convenient nature and climate conditions. An Hoa village is well known for its traditional work and abundant natural bamboo resource and also for clever hands of highly skilled workers.

We would draw your attention to the catalogue enclosed as there are excellent hand made bamboo handicraft items. Our products are not only made in a wide range of strongly traditional designs, shapes and colors but they are rich looking as much more expensive range.

With the price list, you may find our goods splendid for money. Once you have been the samples, we are sure you will agree. We would, therefore, to invite you to our factory to see the producing process when you go to Viet Nam. Please feel free to contact us, we’ll pick you up there.

We manufacture and design products according to the customer’s sample.

Bamboo-Handicraft products of Binh Hoa Bamboo have been exporting to many different markets: USA,  France, Australia,  Poland, Netherlands, Israel, Italy, Holland, England, Russia, Taiwan, Japan ete.

We hope there is no reason for you to miss such a precious opportunity to enter into Vietnamese market.

We ensure the timely elders of foreign customers

And in-country customer based on the motto

“Credit – Quality – Reasonable Price”.

Please contact us at the following address:

BINH HOA BAMBOO Co., Ltd. An Hoa vill , Trang Bang dist, Tay Ninh prov, Vietnam.

Tel : ( 0276) 3885049.

Email : binhcraft@hcm.vnn.vn


Website: www.binhhoabamboo.com

It is our great honour to serve you !!!